A Statement to the Public
A Statement to the Public
  2023-08-07     236 جار بینراوە    

A Statement to the Public

Unfortunately, once again, the authorities in Kurdistan Region resorted to punishing freedom fighters under the guise of law and sentenced Sherwan Sherwani, a Badinan journalist and activist to another four years in prison.
The Kurdish authorities and the ruling parties must comprehend that the Kurdish people will not succumb to oppression and will not remain silent in the face of corruption, injustice and failure of governance.

Therefore, instead of contemplating about silencing, arresting and punishing journalists, activists and freedom fighters, the current authorities should think about making radical changes in the way of governance that has weakened the Kurdistan Region, postponed elections, distorted the reputation of the Kurdistan Region at home and abroad and created widespread distrust of the public in the institutions.
We also consider it necessary to ask the Court of Appeal to cancel the sentence of Sherwan Sherwani and establish justice in this case.

1- Ali Hama Saleh.
2- Omar Gulpi.
3- Daban Mohammed.
4- Dr. Sherko Jawdat.
5- Shirin Amin.
6- Abubakr Haladni.
7- Diyari Anwar.
8- Sarchnar Ahmad Mohammed.
9- Halz Ahmad.
10- Dr. Shayan Askari.
11- Dr. Ismail Sgiri
13- Ashna Abdulla.

Members of the fifth term of the Kurdistan Parliament
22 July 2023

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