A Clarification for the Public
A Clarification for the Public
  2023-05-21     299 جار بینراوە    

On 6th October, 2021, the second hearing of the trial of Dr. Amer Khalid, Suleiman Kamal, Jamal Khalil, Suleiman Musa and Fursat Ahmed, five activists and journalists from Duhok province, was scheduled to take place, but unfortunately, the trial was once again adjourned and the fate of these innocent activists remain unknown.

We as members of Kurdistan Parliament, who are aware of the contents of the case of accused activists and have listened to the charges, witnesses, the statements of the accused, the public prosecutor and the KRG’s Security Council, believe that these citizens are innocent and have done nothing against the public interest, otherwise they were high examples of serving the country and the societal well-being.

From here, we call on the Kurdistan Regional Government's Judicial Council not to sit idly by and to take a stand on the issue of conducting the trial and postponing the hearings one after the other, and to decide on the fate of the detainees, who have been arrested for 14 months without any committing any crime.

Members of Parliament:

1- Omar Gulpi.

2. Ali Hama Salih.

3. Dr. Kazim Faruq.

4- Abubakr Haladani.

5. Mujda Mahmud.

6. Ashna Abdulqadir.

7. Halz Ahmad.

8. Dr. Shayan kaka saleh

9. Rupak Ahmed.


6th October, 2021

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

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